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can be easy but finding a good one, well that wasn't so easy as I found out!

Love them or hate them,

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are here to stay. Whilst the industry is regulated some estate agents can be a nightmare to deal with. And let's face it, at some point in our lives we will all need help from them in one way or another. Be it to buy or rent a new house or to sell or rent your current house. They have the tools and power to do this for you!

Estate Agent was started to help people find, not any old estate agent but the best estate agent in your area! All estate agents will give you the smooth talking sales pitch to make you sign with them, but we want to find out which of thoses stuck to the promises and really worked for you to get you the best result! By gathering estate agent reviews from consumers we hope to help thousands of people to make the right choice, when it comes to parting with our hard earned cash and giving them the opportunity to market our properties! So please take a moment and add your estate agent review so that others can learn from your experiences, making the decision to choose an estate agent is a big decision and by adding a review you can help make this not so daunting!

We are currently loading all the estate agents into the database. If you know we are missing one please contact us here and let us know!
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