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Aleur Rahman reviewed the Harold Wood, Haart branch on 14th September 2018, this is what they thought..
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Very poor experience with this office. Poor service stemming from poor management. I have had my offer accepted by the vendor nine (9) months ago and contract exchange has not yet taken place! Still ongoing. Branch manager Andrew Wallington who should be dealing with the project, continuously on leave and taking days off. Just a general lack of involvement. Even incompetence has its limits.

I have had to personally chase for updates for the majority of the 9 months with Mr Wallington's colleagues, who of-course scarcely know what is going on. Finally, I have come to a position where I am forced to bow out. Having already raised this issue with the Regional Manager- Jacqui White. Her response was essentially it is a "busy office", there are no "notes on the system" to confirm [my] complaints and if you remain dissatisfied, refer your complaint to the customer relations manager. I will now be taking this up with The Property Ombudsman. I certainly will not be contacting Haart for any further dealings and would recommend this office only as one to avoid.
Not Impressed reviewed the Harold Wood, Haart branch on 14th August 2011, this is what they thought..
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I was buying a house via this agency. I viewed the property made an offer which was accepted verbally and in writing. As usual I asked for the property to be listed as sold STC and instructed my bank to arrange a survey.

The agent then took other viewings for the property and got another buyer to outbid me. I then had to come back and outbid them and offer the full asking price, which apparently wasnt enough, as they came back and out bid me again - the agent encouraged a bidding war. So I walked away. This is unacceptable conduct and in breach what proper reputable estate agents are allowed to do once an offer has been accepted.

Don't be surprised if you don't see any reference on their literature as belonging to any relevant professional bodies such as the national federation of estate agents or the Royal institution of chartered surveyors etc... They are dishonest, unreliable and unprofessional.

They also encouraged me to look at another property that had accepted an offer and outbid that offer to kick the other buyer off - what an utter disgrace!

If you see a house for sale with them that you like I suggest you liaise with the vendor directly - as an agency they can't be trusted.
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