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GN Exeter reviewed the Heavitree, Fulfords branch on 10th January 2012, this is what they thought..
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I've just ended a tenancy with Fulfords after having nothing but hassle from them for the last 18 months.

Firstly, when we viewed the property we were asked to pay £200 to take the property of the market, we were lead to believe that this money would be deducted from the deposit, not so, seems the agent was lying.

When we eventually moved in, there was a big hole in the wall, light fittings were hanging off and the house had no working TV Ariel even though we were promised that it worked (more lies). The smoke alarms didn't work and they hadn't bothered to test them.

At one point we had birds that were getting into the property, flying around the house and defecating on our children's bedding, this problem took 4 months to be fixed, despite us ringing constantly informing them that it needed sorting out. After a direct complaint to a director (in total a 40 minute phone call) we had a contractor arrive within the hour, even though we had been informed by the Heavitree Branch that this wouldn't be possible for another week (she was lying).

The repairs line is a joke, nobody answers and when they do they sound like they couldn't really care less. We had a broken boiler at the time and we were left in a cold house with small children. I eventually called a plumber and paid for the repair myself as it was less stress than trying to get Fulfords to do anything

On giving our notice of moving out of the property they had the cheek to charge myself and my partner £25.00 each for references we needed for our next property, this was on top of the £1960 we had given them to move in.

Even on handing the property back in better condition than when we had taken it, we were charged £50 for replacing a toilet seat that was broken and unhygienic when we moved in. The Heavitree staff knowing full well we wouldn't go to arbitration as it would hold up getting the further £875 owed for the deposit.

The staff at the Heavitree tree branch are completely incompetent, rude and arrogant. They will be very nice to you until you've handed over your money then they just don't want to know.

I would never use them again even if it was to obtain a house that I really wanted. I advise you to steer well clear of this outfit and the incompetent, dishonest scallies that it employs.

Landlords need to be asking themselves what they are paying their services charges to this company for. We've written to our ex Landlords informing them of the problems we've encountered.
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