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Tung reviewed the Harrow, Haart branch on 19th July 2011, this is what they thought..
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Though I've not been stung badly by this agent, they did sell a property I had placed an offer for without notifying me first. One small phone call. And I wouldn't have been writing this.

In fact, that's not a big deal, except that prior to that, they requested I go to their office for a "meeting", though wouldn't say what it was for. They gave the impression that it would "help" the offer.

Turns out they sold the property midday of the day of the meeting, but still allowed me to waste my time turning up to their office. Only to meet a mortgage man, who had no idea what property I was interested in, but who consequently tried to sell me a mortgage. I had already stressed at the time of the meeting arrangement that I had a good mortgage arranged.

Perhaps I had brought this upon myself. After all, previous contact with the agent led to unreturned phone calls, unfulfilled promises and a generally, shoddy, unprofessional service.

Perhaps it was just our experience with their (senior) negotiator Mark Raymond. Or perhaps, judging by the bad reviews online, that Haarts (of Harrow) just isn't up to scratch.

Steer clear.
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